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Hydrox has been a specialist in waterproofing from the last 48 years. It has provided services to various sectors of the industry.


Hydrox has been an advisor for many projects in the field of waterproofing, advising exactly what route to take in stopping water seepage

House Renovation

Waterproofing is a major issue while renovating a house and water seepage is a priority. Hydrox handholds the project in guiding the homemakers to take control on water leakage

Small Projects

Hydrox does not distinguish between a small or large project. Waterproofing is an issue either in a small or big home. We cater to all kinds of constructions to keep out clients happy.

Waterproofing Quote

Hydrox give a free quote for waterproofing giving a clear idea to the homemaker. There will be no inspection charges

Big Projects

Hydrox works with many big clients like Prestige, Nitesh, RMZ, Jain and many more clients.